Brand philosophy

    Save the skin, Save the Planet - AROMATICA creates effective, sustainable products to protect living things and the environment. It is passionately taking a stand to return the earth to its natural state,and to preserve and restore the planet.It is becoming a voice that can sharply shape the world by using its profits and sharing resources. AROMATICA is committed to organic farming to build a sustainable world.To uphold the respect for life, AROMATICA is cruelty-free, and strictly avoids anima-derived ingredients.


    About us

    With healing knowledge from aromatherapy acquired over 6000 years as a foundation, and using formulas inspired by the apothecary, we can attain a harmonious balance between healthy and beautiful skin, body and mind.

    Brand identity

    AROMATICA takes pride to deliver safe, authentic and efficacious products.Prioritizing on the brand’s sensitivity by understanding the pure benefits of nature AROMATICA actively practices environmental protection and is a Sensible Modern Naturalist advocate.